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Colombia-England. Now that's more like it. The number of yellow cards reflected the scrappy play of Colombia more than it did any shortcomings by the referee.  Between the 52nd and 69th minute, he gave four yellows to Colombia, two to England, and awarded England a penalty. They played more than 40 minutes after that, with only one yellow card just before the end of the match. In other words, the players got the message at last, well done by the ref. (Oh, let's say his name, since he's American: Mark Geiger.) There were a couple of standouts, particularly England's Kieran Trippier, but overall, the play wasn't great. But both teams were trying their hardest to score, and if they were too tired to add any goals in the half hour of extra time, well, they were deservedly tired. It was nice for England to finally get over their penalty-shootout curse. I didn't think I had a rooting interest in this match, until Colombia finally score and I shouted and thrust my hands in the air. Guess I was rooting for Colombia after all. That goal was the only non-penalty of the match.