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Looking again at the predictions I made before the tournament began. I did OK for Day 3 ... called the winner in the three matches that didn't end in a draw, even got the Croatia-Nigeria score right. I'll pat myself on the back, since I'm sure that success will rarely if ever be repeated.

Yesterday I posted a list of FiveThirtyEight's top ten pivotal games of the group stage. Two of them are tomorrow, Germany-Mexico and Brazil-Switzerland.

Costa Rica-Serbia (Group E) 5:00 AM Pacific Time. I've got Dusan Tadic of Serbia scoring the only goal of the match. I should note that whatever limited success I've had so far in picking winners, I've done poorly predicting goal scorers. I don't think either of these teams will advance out of the group stage.

Germany-Mexico (Group F) 8:00 AM. I'll be pulling for Mexico, but I think Germany is going to win it all, starting with a 2-0 victory here, goals by Thomas Müller and Mario Gómez. Mexico is CONCACAF's best hope of a good tournament.

Brazil-Switzerland (Group E) 11:00 AM. I'm predicting a rout, 3-0, goals by Neymar, Roberto Firmino, and Philippe Coutinho. I have Neymar down to be the top goal scorer in the tournament. Despite my prediction, I think the Swiss will recover and go to the next round.