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tomorrow's matches

France-Argentina. Messi will likely be the best player on the field, and I'll be rooting for Argentina, but I don't think that will be enough. N'Golo Kanté was excellent in France's two wins. France in regular time.

Blast from the Past: Here are the two teams in a 2009 friendly. You'll recognize Argentina's manager ... you'll also recognize the guy who scores the second goal.

Uruguay-Portugal. Ronaldo's been on fire, of course, although not so much against Iran. Diego Godín has been excellent on defense for Uruguay. I can see this going to penalties. I'll be rooting for Uruguay, although again, I think the other team will win. In both games, I see the European team beating the one from South America.

Blast from the Past: I don't think these two have ever faced each other. So here's a highlight reel from Luis Suárez' time with Liverpool: