rúrik gíslason
and then there is this

today's matches

A great day to watch some soccer, perhaps the best so far.

Belgium-Tunisia. This one set the table. It was a blowout, as expected, but there were two goals from Romelu Lukaku to put him into a tie with Cristiano Ronaldo for the Golden Boot with 4 goals. Eden Hazard had two, as well. Even Tunisia had two goals. (Anyone who thinks I know anything about soccer should understand that I do not recognize the names of any of the players on Tunisia, nor could I name a single Tunisian player in their history.)

South Korea-Mexico. Mexico continued their run. Chicharito scored in his third consecutive World Cup. I've loved Hernández since his days with Chivas. The Mexican fans delighted with "Cielito Lindo" and seem to have finally stopped that stupid chant at opposing goalkeepers.

Germany-Sweden. After the above, all we had left was this match, full of drama and suspense. The Swedes took a deserved 1-0 lead into halftime, but Germany scored a quick goal just minutes into the second half. They seemed to be taking charge, and no one really believed they would lose their first two matches and drop out after the group stage, did they? But Jérôme Boateng received two yellow cards in eleven minutes (the first German player to be sent off at the World Cup since 2010), leaving the Germans shorthanded with 8 minutes plus stoppage to go. A draw would have sent Mexico through and made Germany's task much harder. It looked like a draw was the best Germany could hope for, and those were pretty small wishes for the defending champions. The referee added five minutes, and Germany got one last chance with less than 30 seconds to go. Leading to this: