matches for june 21
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Denmark-Australia. Denmark gets the draw, and is close to getting through to the next round. I can't say they've looked very impressive, though, and I don't imagine they'll last much once the knockout rounds begin (they may end up playing Croatia, which at the moment is not something they will look forward to). The penalty wasn't much, but it gave Australia the draw. The highlight was the goal by Christian Eriksen, who didn't do much else but what else do you need?

France-Peru. France guarantees their spot in the next round while Peru are eliminated. Kylian Mbappé became the youngest goal scorer for France at an international competition. France hasn't exactly impressed, yet, but they could have a relatively easy match in the first knockout round (the same goes for Denmark if they beat France in the next, otherwise meaningless, match). Mbappé won't have many easier goals than this one, but the look on his face says he'll take it.

Argentina-Croatia. Oops. Argentina is on the brink of elimination, Croatia wins the group with one match remaining and will play the second-place team from Group C. Luka Modric scored the best goal:

But the "Oops" was personified by Croatia's first: