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tomorrow's matches

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I said Messi would be the best player on the field. Close ... he was Argentina's best, with two assists. But Kylian Mbappé ... whoa, he's fast! In one game, Argentina their goal total from the first three matches. It wasn't enough. Mbappé was the best example ... Argentina didn't have an answer for all the fast Frenchmen.

In the late match, I had mentioned Diego Godin's excellence on defense for Uruguay. That wasn't a bad "prediction", but really, Uruguay's defense as a whole is very good. The goal they allowed today was the first in this World Cup. Cavani made up for that goal and more, and Ronaldo wasn't able to truly affect the match (he barely touched the ball in the first half).

One of the teams I was rooting for won, the other lost. But 10 goals, both matches at least close to competitive. I'll take it.