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tomorrow's matches

I'm settling in to a bit of a pattern. First I figure out which of the three matches I am most interested in ... tomorrow that will probably be Brazil-Costa Rica. I will make sure I see that entire match. Then, I'll catch short naps, meaning I don't always see the other matches in their entirety. (I could watch them on time delay, but my DVR's been acting up.) I'll watch highlight videos to fill in anything I might have missed in those other matches. Today that meant I made sure I was awake for Argentina-Croatia at 11:00, and since I woke up early, I saw the entire 5:00 match. But after that, I took a nap and didn't wake up until about 20 minutes in to France-Peru. Tomorrow, I'll make sure I'm up for the 5:00 Brazil-Costa Rica match, pick up Nigeria-Iceland when I wake up, and then either coast into the 11:00 match, or take another nap and hope for the best.

Nigeria-Iceland (Group D). Croatia's thumping of Argentina means these two teams play knowing what is necessary (current standings: Iceland, Argentina, Nigeria). An Iceland win almost guarantees they will advance, while a draw or a Nigeria win will leave it all to do in the third matches. My early prediction: Iceland 2-1 winners, goals by Gylfi Sigurdsson and Albert Gudmundsson for Iceland, Victor Moses for Nigeria.

Brazil-Costa Rica (Group E). By now it should be clear how useless my pre-tourney predictions were, but I'll keep including them. Brazil 3-0, goals by Neymar, Roberto Firmino, and Philippe Coutinho. Since I made that prediction, Neymar's health has become an issue, although to the best of my knowledge, he will play. Normally I'd stand by that 3-0 prediction, but the Brazil result against the Swiss gives me pause.

Serbia-Switzerland (Group E). You've got Serbia, the only team in the group with a win so far, and Switzerland, feeling their oats after holding Brazil to a draw. My prediction was 1-0 for the Swiss, goal by Xherdan Shaqiri. If the Swiss lose and Brazil beats Costa Rica, Switzerland is close to elimination, so they will hope my prediction comes true.