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Can't decide who to root for in this year's World Cup? Here's a list that can help you feel good about yourself: all 32 teams, ranked by "degree of civil liberties and political rights". The list is dodgy ... the primary source is the annual Freedom in the World report, which is not perfect ... none of these lists are, they are all susceptible to one extent or another to ideological biases. But I admit I was being lazy, and just checked out the most available report to go by. I adjusted for "ties" using the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index. All to be taken with a large grain of salt, but I decided, why not? So here they are, the 32 World Cup teams, ranked first to last in terms of civil liberties and political rights.

1 Sweden
2 Australia
3 Uruguay
4 Denmark
5 Portugal
6 Japan
7 Switzerland
8 Belgium
9 Iceland
10 Germany
11 England (UK)
12 Spain
13 Costa Rica
14 France
15 Croatia
16 Poland
17 South Korea
18 Argentina
19 Panama
20 Brazil
21 Senegal
22 Peru
23 Serbia
24 Tunisia
25 Colombia
26 Mexico
27 Nigeria
28 Morocco
29 Egypt
30 Russia
31 Iran
32 Saudi Arabia

No one doing these things seems to want to split up the UK, so England's ranking is actually the UK ranking. Also note that the opening match, between Russia and Saudi Arabia, will be the worst match in the tournament by this method, unless Iran and the Saudis both advance and meet in a later round, which is highly unlikely. Finally, if the USA had managed to actually make it to WC 2018, they would be battling Croatia for 15th place.