aliens land, chaos ensues

I was listening to the BBC podcast “Five Live Football Daily”, and the closest thing I can compare it to would be a science-fiction movie, something like War of the Worlds, where an alien spaceship has landed on Earth, and no one knows what to make of it. So the news networks will call in experts, and Dr. So-and-So will offer an opinion, and General This-and-That will counter with a military opinion, and they’ll take a call from a viewer who just wants to know what that shiny thing is on top of the space ship. Everyone will have an opinion, and the discussion will go around and around, but it won’t really go anywhere, because no one, not the newscaster, not the scientist, not the general, not the person on the street, no one knows what the hell they are looking at. Because they’ve never before seen an alien spaceship on Earth.

That’s what the podcast was like. The host said whoa, what happened? And the pundit said whoa, I don’t know, and another pundit said I don’t know, either, but I’ve never seen anything like it. And then the host invited a couple of reporters from the stadium to give an up-close analysis, and those reporters said whoa, I don’t know, but I’ve never seen anything like it.

That’s what Brazil 1-7 Germany was like: an alien spaceship had landed on Earth, and no one knew how to react.

And this: