seven goals and a punch-up

tomorrow's matches

Break time is over!

Germany-Argentina, 8:00 Pacific Time

Well, here it is, a dream matchup coming a bit too early … be nicer if this was closer to the finals. But that’s being picky. It’s always possible these things will crap out, but this gives every sign of being a classic match. Both sides are playing attractive soccer, probably more so than any of the remaining teams. Argentina is the only Spanish-speaking side that is left, and while that’s a pretty lame way to choose a team to root for, I’m sure they’ll be favored by the Univision announcers, and I won’t be surprised if their bias rubs off on me. Germany, though, has overcome their reputation as methodical, grind-it-out workers, and so we will all pray for one of the best matches of the tournament.

Italy-Ukraine, 12:00 Pacific Time

Italy’s got injury problems, and the match-fixing scandal isn’t helping much. I’d say this match comes down to Shevchenko … if he pulls off some magic, Ukraine will advance. Unlike the early match, this one does not look particularly enticing on paper. Hopefully that means it will be a barnburner, just to show how wrong I can be.