germany-costa rica

germany-costa rica at the half

Guess I've managed to forestall those English-language matches for a bit. Since we have two televisions with DVRs I can pause, I was able, with a bit of trial and error, to synchronize them fairly closely. So I've got the Univision audio coming out of the bedroom and the ESPN2 HD picture on the big screen.

Univision's play-by-play announcer, Pablo Ramírez, is not my favorite, but he's preferable to whoever ESPN is offering. His goal call is the standard GOOOOOL, unless it's a particularly good one (a "golazo" in Spanish), at which point he offers up one of the silliest goal calls around. After an initial GOOOOOOL, followed by anything from a burst of GOL GOL GOLs to a quick description of what just happened, he comes up with his trademark:


That "azo azo azo" thing is pretty ridiculous. But when Lahm scored five minutes in on a scorching blast and Pablo gave us the azo, I was a happy camper.

Even though Germany is probably my 32nd choice amongst 32 teams.

A fun first half. Three goals in the first seventeen minutes! Germany is dominating, but Costa Rica is only a goal down.