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I am such a dick. I really do want to get over my stupid prejudices, but then I find myself rooting for Argentina, and the next thing you know, I hate Germany, so that even when they show a cute little boy with a decal on his cheek of the German flag, I look at his blond hair and think Hitler Youth. It's so dumb ... Spain doesn't exactly have a pristine history, themselves, and I dare say they are more backwards on issues of race etc. than the Germans in modern times. But I get a knee-jerk reaction to the Germans, and all logic goes out the window.

The first half wasn't much, but the second half picked up. The Argentine goal helped, of course, at least from the Germans' perspective, since they were forced to go forward. But Argentina disappointed, or rather, I'd say their coach disappointed. Instead of going for the dagger that would have been 2-0, he seemed to be holding out for 1-0, and doesn't it seem like that never works? Having to sub for his goalkeeper didn't help ... who knows how the penalties might have gone with their #1 keeper, of course, but it also took away a crucial substitution, which, combined with Pekerman's oddball subs, meant that when Argentina needed a goal, Messi and Saviola were sitting on the bench.

The two teams played reasonably well in the extra time, not quite going all out for a goal but not sitting back, either. Ultimately, this was a decent match that excited in part because of its import ... it wasn't a great match, but I suppose it was good enough. Certainly the German fans loved it.