the new bathroom takes shape

For the folks who like the pics. The framework for the new bathtub and shower is in place:

new bath and shower

You can see the tub on the lower left. The white fan is in what will be the shower. The copper pipes on the right are the cold and hot water for the shower ... I think that round thing connecting the pipes is the hot/cold faucet thingie. The shower head is above all of that, out of the picture.

Here's a different angle on the bathtub. Boomer is walking on what will be the entrance to the shower:

boomer new bath

And a special bonus photo:

sleeping starbuck

more remodel pix

I haven't posted any pix lately, because while work continues at a solid pace, the results aren't always apparent in a visual sense ... they change part of the floor, or they install electrical and plumbing, but it doesn't look much different. Still, people are asking, so here are a few. The first two are of the main bathroom, taken from either side ... as you'll see, it looks pretty much the same as the last time I posted pix. First, looking towards the bedroom/closet:

bathroom 12-13

The beam to the front is where the bathroom will end and the sewing room will begin. That's still the old toilet ... they're keeping it around as long as they can, for which I am thankful. In the middle you can see a narrow beam ... that's where the bathroom will end and the closet will begin. Farther out, you can see a white door to the right ... that's about where the closet will end and the bedroom will begin. Here's the same room, taken from the other side:

bathroom starbuck 12-13

Finally ... not sure this will make sense to anyone unless they've lived in the basement. I'll put the picture up and then try to explain:


OK ... the jagged lines on either side, opposite walls ... that's where the stairs from the main floor to the basement used to be. Those stairs are gone, leaving this hallway, which goes from the old washroom to the little space that led to the basement bedroom (straight ahead in this picture) and the basement bathroom (which is to the right at the end of this hall). If you've ever been in this area, then the opposite side, where you can see an orange extension cord ... that's that under-the-stairs storage area, only now there are no stairs. I have no idea if this makes sense.

Meanwhile, the post just before this one, of Starbuck looking through a hole, was taken with my cell phone ... I was in the basement bathroom, she was a floor above me looking through that hole in the floor and meowing.

it's my life and i won't do what i want

The absence of interesting posts of late is only partly a result of that occasional blog blah that affects even the most diligent bloggers. It's also due to the basis of this blog in my personal experiences. Whether I'm talking about movies or TV or music or whatever, I'm talking about me.

And "me" right now is someone who lives in a house that has been torn apart. There's really nothing to do except post photos of the process. I suppose it's an advertisement for psych meds ... I haven't gone totally bonkers, which would have happened long ago in the pre-meds era. But I rarely watch movies because it's too noisy around here, and I'm even more of a hermit than usual because, although the guys working on our house are terrific, I just get depressed if I go downstairs and see the wreckage. So I don't go downstairs. I play on the computer, which focuses my vision on the monitor, and that's a world I'm quite comfortable with. (Yes, I know I could go outside ... whatever.)

But I'm not going to sugar-coat this. The end result will be delightful, and Robin deserves every bit of pleasure it will eventually provide. But right now, plain and simple, life in this house sux. So I'm not posting much of interest.

just a toilet

This didn't take long. Here's the upstairs bathroom as it now looks. This is taken from the old computer room ... the wall between that room and the bathroom is now gone:

only a toilet

And here is the same bathroom, taken from the bedroom side ... you can see the old tub better in this one (and a couple of cats make an appearance):

only a toilet part 2

guess it's time for a house update

[Edited to fix a picture. And yes, Six is touching Starbuck.]

We don't really have a living room right now, even though that room isn't being remodeled ... it's holding all of the stuff that used to be in the rooms that have been torn down:

living room storage

There's finally a handrail for the stairs to the attic:


Here is the frame for the walls that will surround the spiral staircase that will go from the sewing room into the basement. The sliding door is the white thing to the right ... all the way to the right is the exit to the kitchen:

frame for staircase

Here is the basement shower/bathtub. The little white thing on the far left is the old sink ... the dark space on the right is where the washer and dryer are:

basement bathtub

Finally, here is what the old computer/new sewing room looks like these days. The plywood on the left covers what used to be the window. The saw is ... well, the saw:

big ass saw

As a bonus for those who've made it this far, here is that rarest of events, Six and Starbuck being nice to each other, or at least not hating each other:

loving kitties