bathroom update

I can't walk on the floor at the moment ... still has to dry out ... so these are all taken from variations on the same angle. It's probable that we'll be able to use the bathtub and shower tonight. There are a couple of trim details to take care of. And the sink isn't installed yet. Here goes ...

Here's the new corner toilet ... no sitting until tomorrow, although it's OK for standing and peeing. You can see the tiled floor ... it's much shinier in real life, and there are lots of diamond-like thingies in the tiles that don't show up well in this picture. But you get the idea. And the floor has a heater underneath (not hooked up yet, I don't think).

toilet floor

Here is the walk-in shower. The floor in there is heated, as well.


Next, the bath tub:

bathtub done

And finally, a picture of both bathing areas:

tub shower

ballad of a remodel

For those of you looking for a house update:

Earlier this evening, I changed my Facebook status to "Steven awaits carnitas and Galactica." After I had partaken of both, I thought to change my status again, and, since I am by now completely obsessed with the BSG/Watchtower thing, I changed my status to reflect a line from tonight's episode: "Steven says there's too much confusion."

Paul, who is in charge of our remodel, doesn't know squat about Battlestar Galactica. But he is a singer and guitar player, and he knows pretty much every song of the 60s and 70s. He also has a Facebook account. When he saw my new status, he wrote the following on my wall (the various names are of the crew who have done the work):

Steven say "there's too much confusion".....

and soon we'll bring some relief,

tile man he, grout my walls....Jason cut the wood,

Michael puts level on the line...... Paul say "Rich that looks good,

hey......all along the remodel, Robin set the view,

while all the kitties came and went, Melvin and Douglas too....

downstairs is a cold existence.. space heaters warmed the air....

the end is soon approachin'...when we can run around bare............

paulie hendrix

my oscar night

We spent most of the afternoon hanging out at the Emeryville Food Court while our floors were being stained. I told our son that the basement flooding had been remarkably minor, and that our stay down there was reasonably tolerable. So, of course, we came home to a flooded basement, with water in the bathroom and bedroom, among other spots. There is no other working bathroom in the house, so there's no avoiding that room, no matter how wet it gets. We thought about going to a hotel, then decided to sleep in the attic.

As for the Oscars, we watched WALL-E, which Robin hadn't seen. The extent of my Oscar updates came from Charlie's Twitter reports. After our movie, we watched Big Love. Did I miss anything?

back by popular demand: house update pix

OK, OK, here ya go. First, a picture of the entryway into the attic room:

attic entryway

As you can see, there is an actual door, now. Next, a look at what they're calling the "master bathroom" ... this is Robin's pride and joy, folks, and it's getting closer, as you'll see here:

tiling mud

That's the tub on the left, the walk-in shower beyond that. Of course, to do the bathroom floor, they've had to remove all of the old plumbing. We have a new toilet, but it's not in yet, and they haven't really got a place to put the old one. Meanwhile, the bedroom was emptied so it could be sheet-rocked. Which means it can now be used for storage:

bedroom after sheet rock

Yes, that's our bedroom, and no, the toilet isn't hooked up. Because of this, we are now sleeping in the basement, and it's not as bad as it sounds. Here's one view, with Starbuck looking particularly interesting:

basement bedroom

Yes, Robin can knit anywhere, and yes, the cats love her more than they love me. Her fabulous LCD HDTV is down there to keep her company ... it may be smaller than my computer monitor, but as you can see in the above picture, she doesn't actually look at the screen:

basement bedroom 2

The bookshelf is kinda interesting, too ... the worker guys must have thought we needed something to keep us company during our stay in the basement, so they put a bookshelf in the bedroom and threw whatever old books they could find on it. So there are baseball annuals from 1999, and books from grad school, and some of Robin's mother's notebooks ... a little of everything. In a timely fashion, they even put my old copy of Watchmen on there.

what remodeling is like

Our bedroom is mostly empty ... it's been demolished and dry walled, all the furniture is strewn around the rest of the house. In the middle of the otherwise bare room is a toilet, which came from the bathroom, which is in disarray and unusable. The bed has been moved to the basement, which is where we now sleep. We're in the middle of a lengthy storm which brings much-needed water but which is also starting to flood the basement. Where we are sleeping. Meanwhile, the scrawny three-legged cat is outside somewhere in the rain and cold, because the doors get left open during the day and she escapes.