i'll take potpourri for $100, alex

I knew I'd heard this before. Facebook 2009 = Windows Vista 2007. Same group of people crying waa waa waa because something changed.

Once long ago I spent a week or so visiting friends. There was this other guy there ... didn't know him, can't recall his name ... he was an amiable sort, I have no idea why he was staying there. Anyway, every time someone had to go somewhere ... the store or whatever ... he would perk up and announce, "I think I'll go along for the ride." He didn't have anywhere to go ... he just liked to be with everyone else when they went there. Our cat Six reminds me of that guy. It's an offshoot of her case of feline ADD ... anytime someone in the same room gets up and goes somewhere else, she perks up and follows them into the next room. She doesn't do this for her fellow cats, and she doesn't like to go outside. But inside the house, she epitomizes the old saw about curiosity and the cat (although it hasn't killed her yet).

Last night, my 31-year-old daughter participated in her first-ever fantasy baseball draft. She beat me by a few years ... I was 33 when I did my first one.

the new bathroom takes shape

For the folks who like the pics. The framework for the new bathtub and shower is in place:

new bath and shower

You can see the tub on the lower left. The white fan is in what will be the shower. The copper pipes on the right are the cold and hot water for the shower ... I think that round thing connecting the pipes is the hot/cold faucet thingie. The shower head is above all of that, out of the picture.

Here's a different angle on the bathtub. Boomer is walking on what will be the entrance to the shower:

boomer new bath

And a special bonus photo:

sleeping starbuck

guess it's time for a house update

[Edited to fix a picture. And yes, Six is touching Starbuck.]

We don't really have a living room right now, even though that room isn't being remodeled ... it's holding all of the stuff that used to be in the rooms that have been torn down:

living room storage

There's finally a handrail for the stairs to the attic:


Here is the frame for the walls that will surround the spiral staircase that will go from the sewing room into the basement. The sliding door is the white thing to the right ... all the way to the right is the exit to the kitchen:

frame for staircase

Here is the basement shower/bathtub. The little white thing on the far left is the old sink ... the dark space on the right is where the washer and dryer are:

basement bathtub

Finally, here is what the old computer/new sewing room looks like these days. The plywood on the left covers what used to be the window. The saw is ... well, the saw:

big ass saw

As a bonus for those who've made it this far, here is that rarest of events, Six and Starbuck being nice to each other, or at least not hating each other:

loving kitties

here come the terrible twos

Happy second birthday to sisters Six and Boomer! Boomer is a pretty mellow cat, although among her Bengal characteristics is a dislike of being held (whether these two are Bengals is a question that will likely always go unanswered, but the looks and behavior are there). Every night when Robin goes to bed, Boomer comes and sleeps with her, earning Boomer the nickname "Snugglebunny" (from Robin, not from me). Meanwhile, Six has suffered from the terrible twos since the day we got her. She is easily the brattiest cat we have ever had, and we've had a lot of them. The only time she isn't causing trouble is when she is sleeping. Of course, we love her. Here's a picture of the two I posted earlier in the year. Happy Birthday!


no pix, but a cat story nonetheless

Actually, I could probably dig up a picture I've already posted, but I won't bother. This is a story about Six, which figures, since she's the one of our cats who is the star of almost every story we tell. She has this thing she does ... it's not unheard of, but it's pretty rare, I think, and it seems odd to us, since we've never had a cat who did this ... she brings us presents. You'll hear this ominous, guttural growl from another room, and soon enough, Six comes walking into the room with something in her mouth, as if she'd caught a mouse and was showing it off. Only it's never a mouse. Usually it's a sock ... sometimes it's a ball of yarn ... once or twice she brought underwear. But usually it's a sock, and she does this often enough that over time, Robin has just "given" her half-knitted socks to play with. If we leave the house for awhile, when we come back, we'll find a sock or two on the kitchen floor ... if we're reading in bed, she might show up and drop one on the covers ... and when I'm home alone, she'll bring me a present once or twice a day. This hasn't stopped with my move upstairs ... now, it takes her a bit longer to get to me, but she still growls her way up the stairs to the attic, where she drops a sock or whatever at my feet and waits for me to pet her with gratitude.

Funny thing is, I always thank her and make a big deal of picking up the sock as if it was indeed a treasure ... dogs might go for that stuff, but I doubt cats do, so I feel pretty stupid, but I do it, anyway ... if she goes to the trouble of bringing me a present, I should be thankful.

Well, today I noticed something even weirder than usual. She brings me socks, I thank her, and then I put them on top of the computer, just to get them out of the way. Our setup now has one of those saddle-like things on the side of the desk that holds the computer just off of the ground. Today I thought that I should gather up the sox that had piled up on the computer, maybe take them downstairs so she could start over.

And that's when I realized, the pile never gets bigger. In fact, when I went to grab the socks, there were none to grab.

Apparently, when I'm not paying attention, she comes up here, gets the socks off of the computer, and takes them somewhere else, so that she can bring them to me again another day.

I think this is kinda odd.