revisiting the 9s: parasite (bong joon-ho, 2019)
inherit the wind (stanley kramer, 1960)

music friday: 1986

Falco, "Rock Me Amadeus". Actually came out in 1985, but hit the top of the Billboard charts in '86. Wikipedia lists 21 versions, edits, and remixes. Falco also hit with "Der Kommissar", which I only remember from the version by After the Fire.

Madonna, "Papa Don't Preach". It's not that there was a time when Madonna could do no wrong. It's just that there was a time when she cranked out a gazillion great records.

Jermaine Stewart, "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off". A former Soul Train dancer who had a moment in the sun as a singer.

Bonus: "Rock Me Dr. Zaius".


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