geezer cinema: the good, the bad and the ugly (sergio leone, 1966)
high sierra (raoul walsh, 1941)

music friday: 1979

Blondie, "Heart of Glass". At the time, categorization mattered ... I mean, it always does, but the years provide perspective. In the late 70s, there was still a perception that New Wave was different than Punk (and hardcore punks could claim to dislike New Wave because it was more "accessible") and that Disco was different from both ("Disco Sucks" being the operative slander). Disco was absorbed into the mainstream, and New Wave band Blondie did their part to smash barriers with this song.

Gloria Gaynor, "I Will Survive". This was released in late 1978, but got serious airplay in '79. This is unapologetically disco ... in fact, it won a Grammy for Best Disco Recording, the only year that award was given. (The other nominated artists: Earth, Wind & Fire, Rod Stewart, Donna Summer, and Michael Jackson.)

M, "Pop Musik". "M" was more a concept than a band, created by Robin Scott. If you're trying to categorize this one ... well, the title wants to claim Pop, I guess, I think of it as Synth-Pop, and really, who cares by this point.


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