promise at dawn (eric barbier, 2017)
children of heaven (majid majidi, 1997)



Why not The Natural?

Steven Rubio

It might be as simple as I haven't ever seen it, but I hadn't seen three of the ones we did end up choosing. I can't remember how we decided what to watch ... it was a while ago, and then it took a while to watch all of the movies. I've always heard negative things about the movie, so it might not have occurred to me to choose it, and I don't recall Phil bringing it up, either.


It's sappy and melodramatic, sure. It's a little simply, even thought it tries to be more complicated. But there's some killer acting by some folks that are fun to watch and, well, baseball fans are a little sappy and melodramatic, too, so...

Steven Rubio

Yeah, it's weird I haven't seen it before. As I remember, a lot of the complaints about the movie were that it did a disservice to the book, which I never read so that shouldn't have mattered. Anyway, another movie to add to my endless list of requests and recommendations that I eventually get to. I see one movie on that list, Short Cuts, that has a note saying the suggestion came from you. I better watch that one sooner rather than later, since I imagine it's been a decade or more since you gave me the idea :-).

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