revisiting the 9s: the exonerated (bob balaban, 2006)
spring in a small town (mu fei, 1948)

music friday: patti smith and bob mould

Last weekend we attended an afternoon, outdoor concert featuring Patti Smith and Bob Mould. It was my first time seeing Mould as a solo act (literally ... it was just him and his electric guitar), but I saw Hüsker Dü a few times in the 80s. Here he is on Tiny Desk some years ago ... he opened and closed with the same songs as he did for us ("The War" and "Makes No Sense at All").

I've lost track of how many times we've seen Patti Smith ... I think this was our sixth, going back to 1976. Here is the audio from that 1976 show:

Here she is from the last time we saw her before this weekend, at the Royal Albert Hall in 2021:

And here she is last Sunday:

It amazes me not only that we've seen her over a period of 47 years, but that her guitar player (Lenny Kaye) and drummer (Jay Dee Daugherty) have been with Patti since the beginning.



She's is so good--still! Age really suits her. Kind of like Willie. Not easy to achieve.

Steven Rubio

Good call!

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