revisiting almost famous (cameron crowe, 2000)
revisiting the 9s: the exonerated (bob balaban, 2006)

geezer cinema: meg 2: the trench (ben wheatley, 2023)

There's no point in writing a review of Meg 2. That would be true even if I was a professional critic with a large readership, but it's especially true when only a dozen people will see these words.

Meg 2 is a sequel to The Meg, a 2018 movie I never saw. That film cost $130 million and grossed $530 million at the box office, pretty much guaranteeing a sequel. Jason Statham is the star of the movies, and he has proved over the decades to be a reliable presence in action films. As they say, you know what you are getting with Jason Statham. And you know what you are getting with the sequel to a movie about giant prehistoric sharks. Toss in 3D, and, well, you don't need a review. You already know if you want to see it. Action, Statham, giant sharks, 3D.

Meg 2 doesn't stink, nor is it any good. It gets in at less than two hours, and doesn't disappoint if you don't have any expectations in the first place. Kudos to Statham for doing his own stunts in the jet-ski scenes.


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