dersu uzala (akira kurosawa, 1975)
geezer cinema: wild rose (tom harper, 2018)

ant-man and the wasp (peyton reed, 2018)

This is the thirty-first film I have watched in "My Letterboxd Season Challenge 2022-23", "A 33 week long challenge where the goal each week is to watch a previously unseen feature length film from a specified category." This is the 8th annual challenge, and my fourth time participating (my first year can be found at "My Letterboxd Season Challenge 2019-20", the second year at "My Letterboxd Season Challenge 2020-21", and last year at "My Letterboxd Season Challenge 2021-22"). Week 31 is called "Ty, Tye, Ti, or T.I. Week":

This week's challenge is to watch a previously unseen film made by or starring Ty BurrellTye SheridanTi West, or T.I..

There always seems to be one of these goofy challenges each year. In this case, I went with T.I..

I liked the first Ant-Man movie, as much as I like the usual Marvel picture. I enjoyed the ways it lived at least partly outside of the Cinematic Universe, since I don't care much about that, and the sequel also falls into that category. There's some plot that revolves around the events of Captain America: Civil War, events I admit I don't remember, but it doesn't matter. Paul Rudd/Scott Lang/Ant-Man hooks up again with Michael Douglas/Dr. Pym, the co-titular Wasp/Evangeline Lilly is an equally important part of the movie as Ant-Man, and a couple of my favorite actors turn up (Walton Goggins, Judy Greer ... did you know Greer wrote an autobiography? I read it, it was fun).

I enjoyed the special effects concerning the shrinking and growing of various items (including, of course, Ant-Man and the Wasp). I never tired of seeing the rapid size changes, and in fact, for some reason I was nearly always surprised when they happened. The "jokes" were corny, lame, and yes, funny. Arguably the most important item, the entire movie comes in under two hours.

Nostalgia clip: here is Paul Rudd appearing on Conan to promote the first Ant-Man movie:


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