kanal (andrzej wajda, 1957)
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music friday

While we were in Spain, there was a woman ... on Facebook I called her a busker, but that might be a misnomer, since when I think of a busker I think of someone with a guitar singing on a street corner or subway, and this woman had a keyboard accompanist and she sang at the end of the lovely Balcón de Europa. What intrigued me was her setlist, which sounded close to random, as if someone chose shuffle play from the entire hundred-million-song collection on Spotify. Here are some of the songs she sang (and remember, she had a supper-club style of singing).

"Dancing in the Moonlight":

"Moonage Daydream", which she sang in Spanish:

"Paint It Black", which felt completely inappropriate for her style, but here Ciara does interesting things with the song:

"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood":

"I Can't Explain" (tell me about it)


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