music friday: september 30
miracle in milan (vittorio de sica, 1951)

the shallows (jaume collet-serra, 2016)

Live from Spain, it's an actual post. When these occur, they will usually be brief, since I am typing on my Kindle.

I watched The Shallows on the flight over. Best thing about it: a running time of 86 minutes. Even then, it felt like they were stretching to make it longer. The basic idea (shark tries to eat Blake Lively) was OK, as was the execution. Otherwise, I guess it depends on what you think of Blake Lively. She's not a bad actor, and she looks athletic enough to be convincing in her role as a surfer (and she was pregnant when they filmed!). Her looks are impeccable, if you are interested in a certain type: tall blonde with a perfect face. Obviously there are other, equally wonderful standards of beauty, but she is as good as it gets for her type. Director Jaume Collet-Serra knows this ... sometimes it seems like his primary focus was making sure Lively was in skimpy bathing suits. But it's all harmless enough, and perfect for something to watch on a plane.


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