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music friday: blondie and rockpile

On this date in 1979, we saw Blondie and Rockpile at what was then called the Oakland Civic Auditorium. Blondie was the obvious headliner, but I came away more impressed with Rockpile. Roberta Bayley was quoted in Will Birch's Cruel to Be Kind: The Life and Music of Nick Lowe, "Blondie got that number one record, but they weren't quite prepared for playing bigger places. Rockpile were often blowing them off stage, and at Oakland lots of people started leaving the venue before Blondie came on. 

The openers were listed on posters as "Nick Lowe and Rockpile". I suppose that's fair ... Lowe already had a couple of albums under his own name, while Dave Edmunds hadn't had a Top Ten single in the States since 1970. Rockpile (Lowe and Edmunds along with Billy Bremner and Terry Williams) only released one album under their own name, but several Lowe and Edmunds albums at the time were de facto Rockpile.

Blondie, of course, was on top of the world in 1979. They were still touring behind the incredible Parallel Lines, which hit #6 on the U.S. charts and spawned six singles, including the smash "Heart of Glass". And they had Debbie Harry.

Here's a Spotify playlist of some of the music the bands were making around that time:



Interesting pairing

Steven Rubio

Back when it was all "New Wave".

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