geezer cinema/african-american directors series: spider-man: into the spider-verse (bob persichetti, peter ramsey, and rodney rothman, 2018)
kick-ass (matthew vaughn, 2010)

music friday: january 7, 1967, fillmore auditorium

55 years ago today. Opening was The Doors. Their debut album had been released on the 4th, their first appearance in San Francisco was on the 6th, and this was the second night in a row for this lineup of bands. Here is their first TV appearance, lip-syncing to "Break on Through" ... the date is debatable, but probably a few days before the Fillmore shows:

Next up was a local band, Sopwith Camel. They were the first of the San Francisco bands to have a Billboard-charting hit (#26). This is another lip-sync, from Dick Clark's TV show Where the Action Is:

Headlining was The Young Rascals (they wouldn't become "The Rascals" for another year). I owned their first album ... I was 13, didn't own many albums, so the ones I had got played over and over. Theirs was no exception. Just after these Fillmore gigs, they released a second album. The biggest hit from that was "I've Been Lonely Too Long":

Organist Felix Cavaliere was one of the great blue-eyed soul singers, and Dino Danelli was one of the best drummers ever.

They had a nice reunion in the 2010s ... I can't embed this, but click here to see what I mean.


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