geezer cinema: belfast (kenneth branagh, 2021)
music friday addendum: charlie bertsch, "listening for the future"

music friday: syndicate of sound, "little girl"

"Little Girl" was a classic mid-60s garage band song from The Syndicate of Sound out of San Jose. I was listening to it the other day, and was fascinated by the vocals of Don Baskin.

The song begins:

Hey, little girl, you don't have to hide nothin' no more
You didn't do nothin' that hadn't been done before

Little girl thought she wouldn't get caught, you see
She thought she'd get away with goin' out on me, yeah

Basic scenario, girl cheats on guy and leaves him. But Don Baskin's vocals make the song. He sounds proud of his situation, as if it proves how cool he is because he couldn't keep his girl. He gives a slight, smug laugh after the second stanza that says everything. Next:

Other girls did it, you didn't think of nothin' new
You went out on me, so other girls did it too

Again, it's not clear why the guy would be so proud of this. It's not just the titular little girl ... other girls "went out on him". He sounds like a loser, but Baskin sings like he is THE man.

You can leave, little girl, I don't want you 'round no more
If you come knockin', you won't get past my door... yeah!

You got nothin' to hide and everybody knows it's true
Too bad, little girl, it's all over for you... ha-ha-ha-ha

Larry Ray's irresistible guitar really adds to the catchiness of the song.

Here they are in 2014:

Lead singer Don Baskin died in 2019.

The Dead Boys did a remarkably faithful cover on their first album:


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