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casino royale (william h. brown, jr, 1954)

music friday: bola sete, country joe & the fish, buffalo springfield

55 years ago today, the second of three nights at the Fillmore for this lineup.

Buffalo Springfield was the opening act. Their first album came out the next month ... until then, there was a single that made a little noise in Los Angeles. As the album came out, Stephen Stills wrote "For What It's Worth", and the rest was history.

Country Joe and the Fish was another band who had yet to release an album. They did put out a couple of EPs, and they were popular locally (they were a Berkeley band ... Joe's mom was a famous Berkeley radical). "Section 43" appeared on both an EP and re-worked on their debut album. Here's the original, which played on local FM "Underground" radio:

Bola Sete was the headliner, and the best example here of the diversity of the acts Bill Graham would place on the same bill. Sete was a Brazilian guitarist who had played with Vince Guaraldi, a San Franciscan.



What a cool Fillmore lineup. Even better for the fact that two of the names had yet to drop an album. And brother, I think you meant 55 years, no?

Steven Rubio

Good catch, I did do the math wrong. Getting old, I guess.

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