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geezer cinema/film fatales #124: birds of prey (and the fantabulous emancipation of one harley quinn) (cathy yan, 2020)

This is the ninth film I have watched in "My Letterboxd Season Challenge 2021-22", "A 33 week long challenge where the goal each week is to watch a previously unseen feature length film from a specified category." This is the 7th annual challenge, and my third time participating (my first year can be found at "My Letterboxd Season Challenge 2019-20", and last year's at "My Letterboxd Season Challenge 2020-21"). Week 9 is called "Leftover Candy Week":

While making this Season's Challenge, I reviewed some of the early years for inspiration. With the years prior to my hostile takeover, the LSC lists, especially the original, included a good amount of weeks dedicated to ideas from lists made by members of the Letterboxd community. So, I figured I'd tap into those Challenge's and I'm starting with this wonderful Candy Cinema list by Cole Thompson. There are a number of lists of this ilk on the site, but this one really nails the vibes it's looking to represent. If you're out of Halloween candy, here's one last piece for your eyes.

This week's challenge is to watch a previously unseen Candy Cinema film from Cole Thompson's list. (Films that have vivid colourful cinematography/production design/costume design/overall art direction as a strong presence in its filmmaking. They tend to use the full spectrum of colour or focus on one particular colour that dominates the film.)

Let's end the suspense ... Birds of Prey is an awful movie. Mick LaSalle's negative review, titled "Movies don’t get any worse than ‘Birds of Prey.’ This is the bottom", is very quotable. He called it "more than horrible. It should not exist. Money should never have been raised for it. The screenplay should never have been filmed. Margot Robbie shouldn’t have produced it. She certainly shouldn’t have starred in it. It’s just a terrible thing to inflict on audiences, who, after all, didn’t hurt anyone and just hoped to have a nice time." Definitely a case of "tell us what you really thought, Mick".

It took me about ten minutes to realize Birds of Prey sucked, so I guess you could say those first minutes were OK. And there's a fight scene near the end that is pretty good. But mostly, it sucked. In fairness, it's a fine choice for this week's challenge ... it has vivid design and makes good use of color. But mostly, I watched with my jaw open at the realization that I was watching a bad movie.

I liked The Suicide Squad, so if you're looking for a Harley Quinn fix, go there. Even better, watch Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui, and Maggie Cheung in The Heroic Trio:



Have we reached a historic moment on this blog? Is this the first time you review a film but only include a clip of a something completely different? :) I hope someday, somebody tells the story of how this film happened. It's gotta be better than the real thing.

Steven Rubio

I've done it before, but not often. I had a Birds of Prey clip picked out, but it was entertaining, and I didn't want to give the wrong impression :-).

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