human experiments (gregory goodell, 1979)
chinese in spain

valproic acid

Now I can tell the tale of the forgotten medicine. I take a lot of meds, and my wife has a time-consuming but welcome method of putting the meds into tiny bags, marked by date and time, so when, for instance, it's Tuesday morning the 12th, there's a bag for that. Unfortunately, she missed a med, one where I take one with dinner and two at bedtime. She got the dinner bag right, but left the bedtime doses out of that bag. The medicine was valproic acid, which is for anxiety. So there I am, anxious about the missing anxiety meds.

In London, I couldn't get anyone to refill the prescription. Well, an online doctor did it, but he was in the E.U. and England won't have that, so no pharmacy honored his prescription.

Ah, but Spain is a different matter! I was able to make a quick appointment at the Nerja Medical Center, where they wrote me a refill that worked in a Nerja pharmacy.

The irony is that there is nowhere in the world where I am more relaxed than in Nerja, so I haven't been anxious at all! All's well that ends well, in any event.


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