geezer cinema: cruella (craig gillespie, 2021)
geezer cinema: lock, stock, and two smoking barrels (guy ritchie, 1998)

music friday: billie eilish, happier than ever: a love letter to los angeles

Another concert film from Billie. In this one, she plays the entire Happier Than Ever album in order, accompanied as usual by FINNEAS and that drummer guy. This time she also adds the L.A. Philharmonic, a children's chorus, and Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubamdo. The setting is the Hollywood Bowl, with no audience. A few animated sequences of Billie driving around town are included, as well, but mostly it's just Billie and her new songs. It's a nice way to introduce yourself to her new album, or to revisit the album if you've already been loving it. The production isn't the technological marvel that was her show from last October, but that just brought the focus onto the music. (The only song to appear on both concerts was "My Future".

Here she is with "Oxytocin", a song near to my heart after last week's surgery.

Can't take it back once it's been set in motion
You know I need you for the oxytocin
If you find it hard to swallow, I can loosen up your collar
'Cause as long as you're still breathing
Don't you even think of leaving

The film is showing on Disney+, which I suppose explains why the f-word was muffled during "Happier Than Ever". So here's that one, with the fucks left in ... just fucking leave me alone, indeed:


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