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eye and nose update

For better or worse, I am off to Europe in a few days and so won't be seeing any doctors until we return.

My left eye (which had the emergency operation for a detached retina three months ago) is good enough. I'd like to say it was good as new, or rather, that it was as good as it was after cataract surgery a couple of years ago, since that made it better than new. The vision has improved greatly since the operation. I can drive, and I can see without covering the eye. But compared to the right eye, when I look out of just the left eye, everything is a bit smaller. Also, things have a kind of wavy edge to them. It's not very noticeable most of the time, but it is clear if I cover my right eye. The doctor says it will likely not improve much further, so I will see an optometrist after our trip to see about glasses or contacts for the problem.

My nose (which had surgery for the ever-popular inverted papilloma last month) is also slowly improving. I had a doctor visit on Monday that went well. I have been doing a twice-daily nasal rinse w/antibiotic that will continue for awhile, and there is still some minor irritation, plus it's still numb around the area near the left nostril (I think because nerves got chopped up a bit during surgery). The doctor will see me again when we return, and he says those visits will continue for the near future just to keep an eye on things. In previous post-op visits, he got a lot of crud out of my sinuses, enough so I figured it was all gone, but nope. I posted this picture on Instagram ... it wasn't a particularly popular post (one person commented "TMI"), but here it is, for posterity purposes, junk that came out of me a full month after the operation:

Nose crud



Safe and wonderful travels and continuing improved health!

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