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This is what my year has been like.

Sometime during 2020 I got a note from the doctor saying it was time for a colonoscopy. Yuck, but what the heck. Except I had no intention of getting it done during the pandemic. Once a vaccine became available, I'd schedule the procedure.

February 13: first vaccine.

February 26: I have a video appointment with my doctor. When I explained that I have had some kind of nasal obstruction for years, and pointed to where it is always stuffy, she scheduled an appointment for me with the Head and Neck department.

March 13: second vaccine. Once I get the nasal thing taken care of I'll do the colonoscopy.

April 12: I see the nose doctor. She sticks a camera up my nose and sees what she thinks are polyps. She schedules a CT Scan.

April 23: I have the CT Scan.

April 26, May 12 and 18: appointments with nose doctor, who schedules an MRI.

June 9: I get the MRI.

June 11 and 22: Video appointments with nose doctor, who recommends surgery to remove an inverted papilloma.

June 23: I call the advice nurse because the vision in my left eye has gone to hell. We schedule an office visit for the next day.

June 24: I see eye doctor at 10:00. They say I have a detached retina, and schedule emergency surgery. In the late afternoon, they operate on my eye and fix the retina. Two months later, my vision is almost completely restored, although I haven't driven during that time, waiting for the full recovery.

August 24 (tomorrow): I finally get the nose surgery.

Needless to say, I still haven't gotten that colonoscopy.



Good luck brother! I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Steven Rubio

I appreciate it. I know there are a lot of people out there with bigger health problems than mine. Your own brain knows this better than most. My messed up eye happened so quickly I didn't really have time to suffer, and while it feels like it's taking forever to get right, in truth, it is getting better. In contrast, my sinus problems have been around forever, and so that doesn't really make me especially glum, it's just same old same old. Plus, I know my own life in general is blessed ... we have a far more comfortable retirement that I would have imagined.

I think it's the ... mundane isn't the word, my eyeball was falling out :-) ... but I haven't changed my daily routine all that much. But, in these pandemic times, when everyday feels like a low-grade fever that never goes away, having these particular eye and nose thingies wears on me after awhile. The eye will be as good as ever, but hopefully, after tomorrow's surgery, my sinuses will actually be better than they have been in years ... kinda like when I had cataract surgery and suddenly I could see! So by this time on Wednesday, I imagine I'll have to find something else to complain about.

In the meantime, it means a lot to have friends like you.

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