sylvia scarlett (george cukor, 1935)
geezer cinema: beckett (ferdinando cito filomarino, 2021)

the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (garth jennings, 2005)

File under "Not for Steven". I have never heard the radio series, or read the books, so I came with few preconceptions. I thought the look was quite imaginative, and many of the actors were well-cast, in a kitchen sink kind of way. Might as well make a list: Martin Freeman, Zooey Deschanel, Sam Rockwell, Mos Def, John Malkovich, Bill Nighy, Kelly Macdonald, and in voice-only parts, Helen Mirren, Stephen Fry, and Alan Rickman. Deschanel's bluer-than-blue eyes are the best special effect in the movie.

You already know whether you want to see this. Heck, if you want to see it, you probably already have, more than once. I was glad to finally take a look at it ... it was chosen by a friend as part of our extended family outings (Letterboxd list here: It was never boring, and I feel kindly towards it in a way. But that's as far as I would go.


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