geezer cinema/film fatales #116: black widow (cate shortland, 2021)
a clockwork orange (stanley kubrick, 1971)

music friday: screaming gypsy bandits, pearl harbor and the explosions

Screamin' Gypsy Bandits, Town Cinema Theatre, Bloomington Indiana, April 1972. They opened for the Mahavishnu Orchestra. I wrote about that show last year. The band, and their lead singer Caroline Peyton, were big on the local scene at the time. Here is a Spotify playlist of their 1973 album, In the Eye:

Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, Berkeley Community Theater, Old Waldorf, 1979. The first time we saw them, they were the opening act for The Clash's United States debut concert. We saw them a couple of months later opening for Graham Parker and the Rumour, and we saw them a third time, although I can't remember anything about that show. They were a popular local band (my wife liked them) who made a little noise locally. Lead singer Pearl E. Gates has had an interesting life (see this 2013 interview). She was in The Tubes and also in a side project of theirs, Leila and the Snakes. Then came the Explosions. Somewhere in there she was married to Clash bass player Paul Simonon. Here is their biggest hit, live a few weeks before we saw them:

Here she is with The Clash in 1982. You've got a half-Filipino woman named Pearl Harbour singing "Fujiyama Mama" in front of a Japanese audience. Somehow it works:


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