geezer cinema: the tomorrow war (chris mckay, 2021)
happy together (wong kar-wai, 1997)

music friday: the nuns, flipper, los lobos

An interesting threesome, all groups I saw opening for punk bands.

The Nuns, Winterland, 1-14-78. The infamous Last Show of the Sid Vicious Sex Pistols. The Nuns were an interesting band, and in 1978 were stars of the local punk scene. Their most famous member was probably Sheila E's uncle Alejandro Escovedo, still at it at the age of 70. Their first album didn't come out until 1980, by which time they had mostly broken up. Two tracks from that album got a lot of play. My favorite was "Lazy", the lead cut in this segment from what is (I think) the gig I saw. (The singer is Jennifer Miro).

The other track was "Suicide Child", and this clip is definitely from that show:

Flipper, South of Market Cultural Center, 5-10-80. The headline act here was Johnny Rotten's next incarnation, Public Image Limited. The venue was a disaster, a rectangular building with the stage at the "wrong" end, so that the crush from back to front was awful. It was my only time seeing Flipper, one of the great bands of their day. My wife really hated them, so it was funny that she ended up at this show when a friend bought us all tickets. At most they had only released a single or two when this show happened. Here they are in Berkeley, a couple of months after we saw them:

And here, during their 40th (!) anniversary ... two of the original members are actually in this band (there have been deaths over the years, most notably singer Will Shatter). There are so many great songs to choose from, but "Sex Bomb" is probably their high point:

Los Lobos, Civic Auditorium, January 1984. Opening for The Clash, or "The Faux Clash", as I like to call them (after Mick Jones had gotten the boot). Say one thing for The Clash, they always had interesting opening acts. At this show, Los Lobos had yet to release a full-length album under that name, although there was a Spanish-language album from "Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles", and a well-received EP in 1983. Opening for The Clash helped get them exposure, and by 1987, their performances for the movie La Bamba put them at #1 for the title tune. (Trivia note: I have only sung karaoke twice in my life, and one of those times, I sang "La Bamba".)


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