geezer cinema: a quiet place part ii (john krasinski, 2020)

music friday: rock and roll hall of fame part 4

[I'm going to take the next few weeks to adjust the current "acts I've seen live" theme. What will follow for a month or so will be artists I've seen, that haven't previously been featured in this long series, who are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They'll appear in order of their induction, and I'll mostly avoid comments ... I'll just post some relevant videos.]

Prince, inducted 2004. (The Stone, 1981; Civic Auditorium, 1982; Oakland Coliseum, 1983, 1988; Cow Palace, 1985;  HP Pavilion, 2004.) There aren't too many artists I've seen six times ... Bruce, obviously, and Sleater-Kinney. I've seen Pink six times. I lost track of the number of times I saw Lou Reed, but he might be up there. Prince is the equal of all those artists, and that first concert, at a 700-seat club, was arguably the most notable show I ever attended. As for the others, The Time opened in '82 and '83, '85 was the Purple Rain tour (he played six shows for his Cow Palace gig), '88 is when I took my son for his first Prince show (I think ... and I think that was the Lovesexy tour), and '04 was the Musicology tour. Here he is, about a week before we saw him in 1981:

U2, inducted 2005. (Civic Auditorium, 1982.) The last time U2 opened for another act, other than in festivals. (J. Geils was the headliner.) This was somewhat like that first Prince show, in that U2 was just about to hit big, and once they did, well, there weren't too many acts bigger. The audience for the J. Geils band in 1982 was a lot different than the audience for U2, but my memory is U2 went over quite well, with Bono impressing with his showmanship. But then, I was on mescaline, so my memory might be warped. Here they are, about a week after I saw them, playing mostly the same setlist:

Peter Gabriel, inducted 2014. (Oakland Coliseum, 1988.) This was the Amnesty Tour, or, as it was officially known, The Concert for Human Rights Now! Wikipedia says Roy Orbison was a guest, although I don't remember him (he died only a couple of months later). Joan Baez guested, and I do remember her ... it was Bruce Springsteen's birthday, and she led 58,000 of us in a rendition of "Happy Birthday". As for Gabriel, I admit I spent a lot of time in my nosebleed stadium seat trying to spot Gabriel's then-current partner Rosanna Arquette (I failed). Here are parts of the final show on the tour, which means you get some Bruce and some Sting with your Peter Gabriel, but the quality of the video is so good I have to use it:


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