music friday: rock and roll hall of fame part 5
la casa de las flores

geezer cinema: the dry (robert connolly, 2020)

I hadn't heard of this one, which was a box office hit in Australia, proving once again that it's a good idea to let someone else pick the movie on occasion. The Dry is a who-done-it that tells two connected stories with local color and a quiet intelligence. It doesn't beat you over the head, but it's far from boring. Eric Bana stars, and he carries the film by sliding into the overall feel, mostly quiet but with an uncertain past and the ability to take action. The rest of the cast was unknown to me, other than the immortal Bruce Spence, who almost 40 years earlier played the Gyro Captain in Mad Max 2. It's fun ... his voice is the same, even if he looks 40 years older.

The cinematography from Director of Photography Stefan Duscio makes full use of the dryness of the environment (they are in the middle of a drought, hence the title). I wish I could say more about The Dry. It's a perfectly good film for an afternoon, and I have no complaints. But I feel like I'll have forgotten it in a month. Nice use of "Under the Milky Way" by The Church, sung by BeBe Bettencourt, who also has a part in the flashback segments.


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