25 favorite films

cloudburst (thom fitzgerald, 2011)

This will be short and not-so-sweet. A few days ago we watched Supernova, which told the story of a long-lasting gay couple. I noted at the time that "Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth feel so right in their parts; they are recognizable as a long-term couple". Cloudburst also stars award-winning actors, this time Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker. Here, too, we get a story about a long-lasting gay couple. But the similarities end there.

Supernova featured real people. Cloudburst features caricatures. The moments when something rings true to real life are few and far between. Dukakis is the foul-mouthed dike, Fricker is the blind partner, and Ryan Doucette has the Brad Pitt role. Yes, Cloudburst plays like Thelma and Louise with the gay subtext moved to the front. But the characters in Cloudburst lack subtlety ... it's as if Thelma and Louise focused solely on Thelma's stupid husband Darryl. At one point I asked my wife where the women of Cloudburst got the money to travel as they do, and she replied that they were retired. Retired from what, I asked, and she said we don't know, they retired before the movie started. Exactly, I stated ... we know nothing about these people beyond their roles as stereotypes. I'd say Cloudburst was a complete waste of time, but apparently some people like it, so YMMV.


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