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revisiting heathers (michael lehmann, 1989)

You never know what will make you watch a particular movie. My wife and I are sitting around, and even though it was just a couple of hours ago, I can't remember the context. But I said, "I love my dead gay son", and by her response I could tell she didn't get the reference. Turns out she'd never seen Heathers. So we cranked it up.

I liked it as much as I ever did. I wrote about it here back in 2010. It was pretty short:

Its high points are very high indeed, but ultimately, it lacks the courage of its convictions. The ending is a copout, although Winona looks great covered in soot, cigarette hanging from her lip. That’s part of the problem: Heathers doesn’t reject the concept of cool, it just redefines it. This would be a better movie if they used the ending from Rock and Roll High School. None of this is meant to reduce its status as a cult classic.

It's half a good movie, but I love that half. It was fun to revisit it.

Heathers prisma



It's been a long time for me, soI should re-watch it. But, did you know there was another ending?

Steven Rubio

Even though I find the ending a bit of a mess, I'm not a fan of the proposed alternate, either. Really, there's nowhere for the film to go after a certain point, unless they want to turn Veronica into a psycho like J.D.

As for watching again, I'd say it depends on how much you like it. If you like it a lot, it's fun to quote the dialogue along with the characters. But it's not like it's so deep it rewards multiple viewings.

BTW, we also considered watching Reality Bites, another Winona movie Robin hasn't seen. And we have a long-running family joke about Love Actually, another one she hasn't seen. I don't think she'd like either of them, to be honest.

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