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Santana, Oakland Coliseum, 1977. Third-billed for a Day on the Green headlined by Peter Frampton, with The Outlaws playing before Santana and Lynyrd Skynyrd playing after them. Santana had moved beyond their initial popularity; although they still had an audience in the mid-70s, their comeback didn't arrive until Supernatural in 1999. They were good at this show, although I confess it was Lynyrd Skynyrd that I really wanted to see, and they delivered. Here is part of that show ... look for a young Sheila E. (The drummer is Graham Lear ... rumor is Carlos chose him because he looked like Woodstock star Michael Shrieve.)

Graham Parker and the Rumour, Old Waldorf, 1979; Warfield, 1982. We saw them twice, once in a small club, once in a mid-sized hall (I think he'd broken up with The Rumour by then). The 1979 show came on the heels of Squeezing Out Sparks, and it was terrific ... Parker was a dynamic performer, especially up close. It was later released as the album Live in San Francisco 1979. Here is the show as it was recorded off the radio:

The Time, Civic Auditorium, 1982; Oakland Coliseum Arena, 1983. Both shows were as opening act for Prince. Holy moly, they were a great band, easily one of the handful of best "opening" bands I ever saw. The 1982 show was bittersweet for me ... I'd seen Prince the year before and found the crowd to be as diverse and wonderful as any I'd ever experienced, but in '82, I had my pocket picked. (Greil Marcus was at the first Prince show, and described the crowd as "the most excited and diverse crowd (black and white, punk and funk, straight and gay, young and old, rich and poor) I’ve been part of in a long time".) Here is The Time from late 1982:

Beck, Shoreline Amphitheater, 1995. The Bridge School Benefit was an annual charity concert put on by Neil Young and his then-wife Pegi. They ran from 1986 through 2016. The shows were mostly acoustic. Although the shows featured top acts, and although the venue was only about 45 miles from our house, we only attended two of them (not surprisingly, the ones Bruce Springsteen played). In 1995, besides Young and Springsteen, the roster included Beck, Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois, The Pretenders, and Hootie and the Blowfish. Beck was between albums in 1995. Here is his closing number from that night:



You're a legend Steven Rubio. A legend.

Steven Rubio


Charlie Bertsch

That legendary 1977 show. Legendary in my, erm, household, at least.

I find it increasingly difficult to believe that anyone ever went out to see live music or anything else. It seems like science fiction of the recent past.

Steven Rubio

I attended five Days on the Green ... seven if I follow Wikipedia's lead ( and include Bruce in '85 and Amnesty in '88 ... one a year from 1974-76, and two in 1977. I don't know which I'd label as legendary ... my favorite might have been the one Robin Trower headlined, because his guitar work just floated over the stadium as if it was tailormade for the venue (that show also included Fleetwood Mac just after the first Buckingham/Nicks album and Peter Frampton between when he recorded Comes Alive and when it was released). The Who/The Dead was an interesting combo, and I'll never regret seeing Led Zeppelin. At the show in question, I still think of it as the Lynyrd Skynrd show (a few months before the plane crash). Robin was there, but I don't think she even remembers ... she remembers CSNY/The Band because she loved The Band, Who/Dead, the Bruce and Amnesty shows, but I feel like I have to remind her that she was at the Frampton/Skynyd/Santana show.

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