film fatales #103: wonder woman 1984 (patty jenkins, 2020)
geezer cinema: i am mother (grant sputore, 2019)

19 years

19th birthday

Five years ago, I wrote, "Who the hell does anything for fourteen years?"

Substitute "nineteen" for "fourteen" and you see where we are today.

Every time this blog's anniversary comes around, I question why I am still doing it. No one blogs anymore. But then, no one uses a desktop computer anymore. I'm old, so I use things that once gave me comfort.

A year ago, the coronavirus hadn't even been given the name COVID-19. We barely knew it existed. Welcome to 2020 and beyond.

One thing surprises me about the 2021 version of January 6. I am, if not ecstatic, at least relieved that the Democrats have beaten down the Republicans. I don't often have many nice things to say about the Democratic Party, and I look forward to disagreeing with them for the foreseeable future. But Donald Trump, and what he showed us about the essence of the Republican Party, was enough to make me appreciate the beatdown, even if it came from Democrats.

But in 2021 America, Life Goes On means waking up to headlines like "Jacob Blake Shooting: No Charges Against Officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin".

So sure, I'll pretend for a few days that things are only going to get better. But I don't really believe it.

Last year at this time, I posted a video for the song that was #1 the day this blog was born. I don't know why, but it still feels appropriate. A song that gets stuck in your head, from a band that no one admits to liking, a band that nonetheless is still around ... they even released a version of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" in 2020. So here they are again ... remember, if you do something twice, you've established a tradition. This is how I remind me of what I really am.

As I type, this video has almost 500 million views.



Happy belated birthday to my favorite blog.

Steven Rubio


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