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music saturday

A day late. Hey, it was xmas.

Ross, 1974. I can barely remember them, such that I wasn't sure this video clip from 1975 was the same group until Don Kirshner tells us they opened for Eric Clapton, which is where I saw them at the Cow Palace. They don't seem half bad here:

Cecil Taylor, 1979? I remember Cecil Taylor, although I'm not sure if it was 1979 that I saw him. It was a co-headliner gig with Sun Ra, who I much preferred. Taylor's not my cup of tea.

New Order, 1985. I've told the story many times, of how New Order was always my favorite synth band, and "Temptation" by all-time favorite song, one that they have sung a billion times in concert. But when I saw them, they never got around to playing it. Here's "The Perfect Kiss" from that year:

GG Allin, 1989. It's probably best that I don't include a video for GG.


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