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Interesting angle to this week's batch of acts I saw in concert: all but one were opening acts.

The Band, 1974. We actually saw them twice that year. First was the Dylan/Band tour (which you can hear on the album Before the Floor ... recordings on that album came from Los Angeles just a couple of days after we saw them). Later in the year, they were second-billed to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at a Day on the Green. Here they are at Wembley a couple of months after we saw them that second time:

Air Supply, 1977. Definitely a band I would never have paid to see. They opened for Rod Stewart ... we saw them at the end of the tour. Here they are ... if I were you, I wouldn't bother to click on the video, it will just take four minutes out of your life you'll never get back:

Rosanne Cash, 1982. Now this is my idea of a great opening act. She opened for Bonnie Raitt, who was still several years away from her big breakthrough. An excellent pairing. Here is "I Wonder", which hit #8 on the country charts in '82.

The Bobs, 1983. Finally, a headliner! Funny thing is, they are by far the least-known of the acts on today's list. They were touring behind their first album, and we saw them in a small theater with a capacity of barely over 300. Their schtick was that they were an acapella group who reworked classic rock tunes like "Helter Skelter" using nothing but their voices and bodies. This song lives on at our house ... pretty much the only tune of theirs we still remember:

What the heck, I'll give them a second video, one of their specialities:


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