borat: cultural learnings of america for make benefit glorious nation of kazakhstan (larry charles, 2006)
the dirties (matt johnson, 2013)

music friday

(Acts that we saw from the mid-70s to 1980.)

Flora Purim, 1970s. Purim is a jazz singer from Brazil. In the 70s, we went to several shows at the annual Concord Jazz Festival (Robin's dad would give us tix). When we saw her, she played with Airto, her husband and a noted percussionist. 

Mink DeVille, 1977 or so. At one point in the early 70s, they were Billy de Sade and the Marquis. They moved to New York just in time for the CBGB explosion, and were put in the same genre as the other NYC punk bands, but they were soul and R&B. We saw them at the Old Waldorf, capacity 600, when they toured behind their first album. Here he is in 1982, by which time Willy DeVille was the only remaining original member. 

George Thorogood and the Destroyers, 1977. George is probably best known for "Bad to the Bone", which became iconic over the years ... just ask Al Bundy fans. We saw him at the Keystone Berkeley, a tiny club on University that was the home of more than 200 Jerry Garcia Band gigs. Robin was pregnant with Sara, notably so. We were at a small table next to the stage, and at one point, George climbed on our table while taking a guitar solo. This video is from 1980. 

Sector 27, 1981. This was Tom Robinson's first band after TRB broke up. We saw them at Keystone Palo Alto, another of the "Stone" venues. The guitar work by Stevie B was in marked contrast to the more rock-ish work of the great Danny Kustow in the Tom Robinson Band. If memory serves, Robinson had laryngitis at this show and could barely sing. 

The lights of home are burning low
And time ran out a little time ago
The ranks are closing and the lines are drawn
They call for surrender but it's almost dawn
I'm not ready, I'm not ready


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