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music friday: pj harvey, "rid of me"

Here I go again. Maybe I do this when I'm lazy ... suffice to say, "Rid of Me" has been featured on Music Friday more than once. A good one came in 2013, when I wrote

I should probably be prevented from ever posting this song again, after I used a bunch of versions to fill an entire Music Friday awhile back, which was met by complete silence. On the other hand, there’s “Matt Darbs”, who wrote in the comments section of this video, “Do you know why this has 2 million views? Because 1 million of them are mine!

Rid of Me the album was ranked #153 on the recent Rolling Stone list of greatest albums. She turns 51 today, and that blows my mind for no particular reason ... she's been active in music for more than two decades. She was 23 when Rid of Me came out, so what I'm really saying is merely that Rid of Me is ancient history by now. I am obsessed with the song, in any event. I'll hold back a bit, though, and only post two versions of her performing it. First, her 1993 appearance on The Tonight Show:

This is the one I keep coming back to:

OK, I lied, one more, from when PJ Harvey was the name of a band, and the drummer sang the "Lick My Legs" part. Doesn't work for me, but it's an interesting artifact.


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