revisiting ponyo (hayao miyazaki, 2008)
music friday: mark ronson

geezer cinema: john wick: chapter 2 (chad stahelski, 2017)

I've run out of things to say about the John Wick movies. I've watched them out of order ... the first, then the third, now the second. It doesn't matter. When I wrote about Chapter 3, I quoted what I'd written about the original John Wick. And I could pull that quote again and it would fit right in for Chapter 2. What the heck, here's the quote:

John Wick ratchets up the action, to be sure, but not to the extent the Raid movies manage. Also, most of Keanu’s work involves shooting people, and while the body count is impressive, and Keanu’s got the moves, eventually it gets kinda boring watching yet another gun battle/slaughter. Martial arts movies like the Raids offer much more variety, and thus, much less boredom.

Chad Stahelski does a good job with the action scenes ... I bring this up whenever a film maker goes old school, but you always know where you are, which is uncommon these days. Keanu has his unique charisma, and you can tell he's doing most of his own stunts. I have nothing against any of these movies. But I can't tell one from the other. My wife, who chose this for Geezer Cinema, says 2 is the best, 3 the worst. Might as well take her word for it ... she likes them more than I do.

(Letterboxd list of our Geezer Cinema movies.)


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