brother john (james goldstone, 1971)
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comments are a mess

Just a note that the comments section is fucked right now. First, a friend said they couldn't access the comments. Now I can't, either. The comments are there, it's just that no one can see them. And I tried to add a comment just now, and couldn't, so if you feel like leaving a comment, that's not working, either. Updates as they become available.



I hate the technical side of these things. Here's a test.

Steven Rubio

Thanks, Jeff, I appreciate it. I'm narrowing things down. I am posting this using the Edge browser. I've also been able to access/post comments using Firefox, and Chrome on my Android phone. The only thing that messes me up in Chrome on Windows 10, which is no big deal, except that's the browser I use. At least we're making progress!


Here's some more details in case it helps. I can't see any comments in the right-hand column on the home page, but they do appear when I go to individual posts like this one. I posted the first comment from a kindle using (I think) Safari and had the same problem there viewing and not viewing comments. Now I'm on my laptop using Chrome on Windows 10. Hope you get it sorted out!

Steven Rubio

Thanks, that pretty much matches my experience.


It looks all normal to me, both in the sidebar and beneath the posts.

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