creature feature: godzilla raids again (motoyoshi oda, 1955)
geezer cinema: john wick: chapter 2 (chad stahelski, 2017)

revisiting ponyo (hayao miyazaki, 2008)

Back in 2009, I wrote about Ponyo:

The best part about watching this in the theater, even though it was the English-dubbed version, was listening to the kids in the audience. They were enjoying the movie very much, right from the beginning, when the Studio Ghibli logo came on and a kid sitting behind me said to his parent, “it’s Totoro!” You see, I had forgotten Miyazaki makes movies for kids. I assume they’re more like Fantasia, movies for acid heads to enjoy while tripping. Ponyo is neither the best nor the worst Miyazaki movie, which means you should see it.

Not a lot to add to that, except to comment on the viewing situation this time. We watched at home with our 8-year-old grandson. He hasn't seen many movies ... his parents are pretty strict about that. But he has seen Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, so he is familiar with Studio Ghibli, and he recently got an illustrated book version of Ponyo, so it was a good time for him to see the movie itself.

The weird thing was, he jabbered the entire movie about what was coming next. OK, that's an 8-year-old. But he had never seen the movie! The book he read, though, was quite accurate to the film, and he enjoyed seeing the animated version of what he'd seen on the page. (Once again, we watched the English dub. I wish they'd use voice actors rather than famous names. It's not that the famous ones are bad, but it's distracting to hear a character and recognize the voice of  Tina Fey or Liam Neeson or Betty White.)


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