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music friday: my first sleater-kinney concert

Twenty-two years ago today, I saw Sleater-Kinney for the first time. It was at the Great American Music Hall, which held 600. Their most recent album was Dig Me Out, which was released more than a year earlier. (The Hot Rock, which was recorded a month before this concert, was released in February of '99. They played 5 songs from that album at the concert.)

They opened that night with "Heart Factory", thus becoming the first song I ever saw them play live. Here they are a few months before I saw them:

Here is some more S-K 1998 live:

Janet (sigh) Weiss with pigtails! The first 15 times I saw the band, Janet was the drummer. Alas, she was gone for last year's shows.

How long ago was 1998? Well, a month later we saw Dylan, Van Morrison and Lucinda Williams ... Dylan was 57, Morrison 52, and Lucinda a mere 45 (she is 5 months older than I am). It was the year of "The Rockafeller Skank" and Run Lola Run. France won the World Cup. And I wouldn't start this blog for four more years.

Here is the setlist for that first show: Heart Factory / Dig Me Out / Memorize Yr Lines / Call the Doctor / Banned from the End of the World / Turn It On / By the Time You're 25 / Joey Ramone / One More Hour / End of You / God is a Number / Little Babies / Get Up / Words & Guitar. Encores: Good Things / Be Yr Mama / Little Mouth

And here they are, the last time I saw them with Janet, New Year's Eve 2016/7: