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music friday: jazz at the fillmore, 1967

On this date in 1967, during the Summer of Love, the Count Basie Orchestra and the Charles Lloyd Quartet played the second show of a two-night visit.

Lloyd had been there all week, opening first for Chuck Berry and then for the Young Rascals. He is still with us, 82 years old. Lloyd was popular with the budding Bay Area "underground radio" community (KMPX had gone to 24/7 rock music two weeks earlier). Forest Flower, recorded at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1966 and released in early 1967, was big, as was Love-In, recorded at the Fillmore in early 1967 and released about a month before this concert. In both cases, the Quartet featured legends Keith Jarrett on piano and Jack DeJohnette on drums, with Lloyd on tenor sax and flute.

Here are two from Love-In. First, "Temple Bells":

And the Beatles' "Here, There, and Everywhere":

Far as I can tell, these were the only two nights Basie played the Fillmore for Bill Graham. Basie was a prolific artist ... there is some conflicting evidence, but he recorded somewhere between 4 and 6 albums in 1967 alone, when he was in his 60s. The album Basie's in the Bag, featuring mostly hits of the day, was recorded a couple of days before the Fillmore shows.

I'd be remiss without including two other Basie tunes. "Blues in Hoss' Flat" was used as the theme song for Bay Area legend Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins on his various radio and TV shows:

And on television, Basie's "Jumpin at the Woodside" would signal the appearance of another legend:


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